opening eurekaweek 2021 ahoy foto milena13 (EM)

Before the week

Corona won’t be able to ambush the Eurekaweek board this year. Three different scenarios were already in the works during the winter. At the beginning of July green light was given for the ‘dream scenario‘. This didn’t last long however,, soon adjustments were being made again. For example, the evening program has changed.

Eurekaweek 2020_interactief spel in de stad

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Eurekaweek board preparing for three different types of introduction weeks

Since it is not yet clear what the coronavirus situation will be like in August, the…

eurekaweek_opening_foto_eurekaweek2018_ ahoy

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Eurekaweek is ‘back in full swing’ and is counting on a record number of participants

The Eurekaweek board got the green light last Thursday: The introduction week can go…

laurentius eurekaweek terras foto Fabienne Hoogendoorn (5)

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Eurekaweek for student associations: only parties outside allowed

No parties in the club, instead, testing for entry and dancing on the outdoor terraces.

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Fully vaccinated but still having to test for Eurekaweek

For thousands of new first-year students the Eurekaweek will start this Monday. For…

Sunday - International Day

During the International Day on Sunday, foreign students took a stroll around the campus, looking for information about student life in Rotterdam and new friends.

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International Day: ‘I want to make as many friends as possible with people from all over the world’

During the International Day on Sunday, foreign students took a stroll around the campus,…


From the official opening in Ahoy to the rainy lunch in front of the Market Hall. After a round of getting to know Rotterdam, Monday ends again in Ahoy with the first Battle of the Faculties.

opening eurekaweek 2021 ahoy foto milena13 (EM)

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Songfestival vibe at Eurekaweek opening in Ahoy

A surrealistic number of first years gathered in Ahoy on Monday morning for the opening…

eurekaweek eat and greet dag 1 markthal

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Despite the rain, freshmen enjoy their first day of Eurekaweek

After the official opening of the Eurekaweek, first-year students went to lunch on the…

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Group 72 got soaked in the queue, but remains enthusiastic

This year is just a little bit different: QR codes, keeping your distance and long queues…

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RSM wins tough Battle of the Faculties

The traditional party at the Maassilo had to be cancelled due to coronavirus…


The rainy Monday turned into a rainy Tuesday. On campus it has not been this busy in a year and a half. At the information market (not on campus this year, but in the park Oude Plantage) it’s also raining steadily. In the evening the students are sitting dry in Ahoy, if they do not spill during the beer cantus.

Informatiemarkt 2021_fotos door Ferayed_5

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Associations successfully recruit new members at soggy information market

About one hundred associations, organisations and for-profit clubs presented themselves…

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Stealing beer glasses on the information market

On the second day of the Eurekaweek, almost all EUR organisations were present at the…

EW Groep 72 dag 2 – Wouter Sterrenburg – Erasmus Magazine (1 of 3) (EM)

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Day two for group 72: entertained with neverending quizzes

The future medical students of group 72 take EM along for the ride during the Eurekaweek.…


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Cantus in Ahoy: party-time, as long as you stay in your seat

Despite the long queues and a two-hour delay, students still enjoyed a huge cantus party.…


Brunch by the pond is this year Brunch by the canal, and it’s at rowing club Skadi.Or Brunch on the Grote Kerkplein in front of the Laurenskerk. Either way, that meal is the basis for the festival day. On the Lloyd Multiplein, known to no one, is Wednesday afternoon the festival (with fixed seating) and in the evening the Guilty Pleasure Party.

Tijmen Daan eurekaweek festival vriendschap

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Still friends in ten years? ‘We might be!’

Some students make friends for life during the Eurekaweek. After a few days, the first…

Terrace of RSC/RVSV during Eurekaweek 2021

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What Eurekaweek looks like at the student societies

A peek at those quickly sold-out terraces of the student associations.

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Guilty Pleasures is fun, but cantus and afterparties are favourite

The evening party at the Lloyd Multiplein was not to everyone's taste. Many of the…


Thursday is the day of the sports clubs. They can show what they have to offer today. The weather has been stable all week: grey, rainy and anything but summery. It does not discourage the students too much. The day and the week will be closed in the Neptunes Stadium with the Night of the Songs and banging fireworks.

Eurekaweek_Night of the songs Amber Leijen 2021 (10) (EM)

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Somersaults, wild dancing and fireworks during Night of the Songs

Enthusiastic Eurekaweek students let it all out during the closing event Night of the…

eric anny quinty night of the songs still charlotte

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First year students at Night of the Songs: ‘This is the best week of my life’

During the closing program of Eurekaweek, freshmen look back on 'the best week ever'…

Tijdens het laatste half uur van de Night of the Songs werd er volop gedanst.

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A confusing Night of the Songs and partying until late into the night with group 72

Group 72’s medical freshers let EM tag along during Eurekaweek. You can read the report…

After the Eurekaweek

The Eurekaweek was ‘the best week ever’, we hear several times from first-year students. The week was fun for sure, but did it go safely? We look back at the corona measures during the introduction week.

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Testing-for-entry Eurekaweek bubble not watertight

Eurekaweek did everything in its power to keep corona out, including using the Testen…

Eurekaweek_Night of the songs Amber Leijen 2021 (14) (EM)

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No major coronavirus outbreaks because of introduction weeks

So far, it appears that the number of Covid-19 infections resulting from the introduction…