Diego Marie eurekaweek festival friendship
Image credit: Amber Leijen

Marie Quilichini (18, on the right) and Diego Ventura (19) will be studying International Business Administration. “We are both from Madrid, which creates a bond”, says Diego. Through a WhatsApp group, the two found out that they were going to do the same study. “So we met for the first time in Madrid in June and have been friends ever since”, he says.

“Whether we will still be friends in ten years? That’s a long time away”, Marie laughs. “But there is definitely potential.” “What I like about Marie is that I feel very comfortable around her”, says Diego. “He inspires me, because of his confidence and open attitude”, adds Marie. “And we have the same favourite song at the moment, by a Spanish reggaeton musician.”

Tijmen Daan eurekaweek festival vriendschap
Image credit: Amber Leijen

Psychology students Tijmen Schillemans (18, left in the photo) and Daan Driever (18) roam the festival grounds together. Whether the two call each other friends already? “Kind of, right?”, says Tijmen – he looks a bit tired, because ‘I’m staying in a Laurentius house and we had a small afterparty yesterday’. “Absolutely”, agrees Daan. “But that’s actually true for the whole group.” Why then? “He really is an open book”, Tijmen says about Daan. “The first day everyone was a bit quiet and he really set the pace.” Do they think they will still be friends in ten years? Daan: “We might be!”

Katja Evelien eurekaweek festival vriendschap
Image credit: Amber Leijen

Rotterdammers Katja van Toeland (‘almost 18, so could you please write down that I’m drinking Fanta?’, left in photo) and Evelien Aartsen (already 18) are going to study Law and Business Administration. “A budding friendship? Not quite, we’ve known each other since the first year of secondary school”, says Evelien. They both went to the Erasmiaans Gymnasium in Rotterdam and are the only ones from their group of friends who are staying in the city. “We were actually looking for a place to live together”, says Katja. “But that is difficult, Stadswonen for example has long waiting lists.” How would they describe their friendship? Evelien: “We are super close, very relaxed. And we keep no secrets from each other.” Although the two seem inseparable, Evelien will become a member of SSR and Katja has registered at Laurentius.

Paula Lois eurekaweek festival vriendschap
Image credit: Amber Leijen

Master students Lois Frahm (22, Strategic management, on the right) and Paula Wieferig (22, Supply chain management) hadn’t done anything together yet at the Eurekaweek until Wednesday’s festival. The two have been roommates since last weekend. Together with someone else, they rent a flat in the city center. “We both did our bachelor’s in Maastricht”, Lois explains. “But we only met for the first time here in Rotterdam”, Paula adds. Which of the two is the messiest at home? “The other flatmate!”, laughs Paula.

Joshua Max eurekaweek festival vriendschap
Image credit: Amber Leijen

At one of the tables are Max Senden (18, on the right) and Joshua Rooijakkers (17), who are going to study Econometrics. Max has slept in this morning, he says. Joshua is a bit more quiet. The boys especially enjoyed the cantus, because it was a ‘real party-party’. “I have only known him for three days, but there’s a click. He’s very laid-back,” says Max about Joshua.

Joshua already lives in Rotterdam, Max will move on Monday. Whether Joshua is going to help? “I wasn’t actually planning to. But he has my number if necessary.”

‘I immediately felt like I had known her for a long time’

Sophie Vaessen (17, Business Administration) and Romaissa* (18, Business Administration and Law) are in the same introduction group and hang out together – more or less out of necessity. “There are only guys in our group, so we look out for each other from the start”, says Romaissa. Any boyfriend material? Sophie: “Not really our types.”

“She is super spontaneous, easy to have a conversation with”, Sophie says of Romaissa. “I immediately felt like I had known her for a long time”, her new friend adds. Will the two still be friends in ten years? Romaissa, after a long pause: “I don’t know. But I do feel that I have found someone who I can turn to when I need someone during my studies.”

*Surname and photo has been removed after decision by the editor-in-chief.