The Guilty Pleasures Festival has yet to get underway. Here and there are tufts of students waiting for what is to come. Economics students Rebecca Duewell and Mels van der Zwaard hope to be able to party well during the Guilty Pleasures Party. But compared to the cantus, this evening program is a bit ‘boring’, they think. “The cantus was fantastic. So far, that was the best event,” says business administration student Erik Hollman. Kiràly Àdàm, student of Management of International Social Challenges, agrees. “Five thousand people have been drinking and singing together. Super fun.” Peter Brauckmann also enjoyed it. “You can hear it in my hoarse voice: we sang very loudly.”

After party

Besides the cantus, the afterparties are a favorite. “They were great. I skipped brunch this morning because I still had a hangover from the after,” Erik says. “In Xior (student complex on the corner of the campus, ed.) everyone went to party on the rooftop.” Mels summarises the afterparties in three sentences: “A lot of dancing. A lot of drinking. A lot of fun.” Sometimes it gets wild. “There is a party that was ended by police officers,” Matheo says. “They partied too loud.”

Waiting in line

The only downside of the whole Eurekaweek? “The wait,” Rebecca says. The students agree with her. “At some events you really have to wait a long time, but luckily it is not that bad here at the Guilty Pleasures.” Erik adds: “For the cantus we had to wait in line for an hour and everyone was standing against each other.” Kiràly: “I think that’s something the Eurekaweek can improve on next time. Still, it’s really worth waiting, most programmes are great.”