Law student Tim Nguyen does not know exactly what the information market entails. “I just follow my group,” he laughs. On the other hand, business administration student Sarah Teunissen fanatically scours the stalls. “This market is very informative.”


There are hundreds of stalls of associations, but Nikkie Jiang and Jesimae Lewerissa have not yet found an association that awakens their interest. “But we just registered with the Chinese association CSA,” says Nikkie. “I’m Chinese, so I definitely have to join them.”

Health Sciences student Tyco Landman is going to try his luck with the dance association. “I like ballroom dancing, so it’s a must-go.”


In the market, students collect souvenirs from the stalls. Julie Cramwickel and Sarah have built up a large collection: two condoms, a water bottle, a heart-shaped mirror and a number of bracelets. “We’ll keep them as a memento from this week.”

In addition to an official memento, Melle Spanjerberg also wants to get hold of illegal souvenirs. “I try to take beer glasses with me. That’s what I do with my friends. When we go out, we secretly take glasses with us. The bigger the glasses, the better.”