First-year student Then (Medicine) cannot stress enough how much she enjoys the Eurekaweek. “It was amazing! I met a lot of people. I’m new here but the introduction week already makes me so much more comfortable.”

ESSB students Eric, Anny and Quinty agree. “I’m from Germany so it was like a whole new world for me”, Eric says. He was placed in a Dutch group. “I was in a group with only Dutch students, so I was scared, but what I’ve learned is to be open and to still, you know, make friends.”

Mirel also visibly enjoys the Night of the Songs. “This program is so much fun. But you know what the best part is? The night parties, they were the best part of the week.”


Friendships were formed during Eureka Week, such as the already inseparable trio Eric, Anny and Quinty. “The best thing about Eurekaweek is that we got to know Eric,” say Anny and Quinty, after which they hug each other.

Do the students have a message for the Eurekaweek board? “Keep it up! It’s fantastic. Eureka Week is literally the best week of my life.”