Dancing without 'mega DJs' at NSR

“We don’t need mega DJs to recruit members,” says a member from NSR to photographer Amber. “We always find enough new members.” And the association does indeed get people dancing, because on this silent disco night, a number of visitors go absolutely wild. Elsewhere on the terrace, people are playing cards at a table. The rainy weather is a pity, but what can you do about it?

Women stop at SSR

With a green tick from the CoronaCheck app, you can dance, drink, chat and have your photo taken in the photobooth on SSR’s terrace. In 2020, the clubs were flooded with freshmen who wanted to become members, and 2021 is no different. Photographer Amber hears that women aren’t admitted as a member anymore at SSR because the registrations went fast. (At SSR they strive for an equal balance in the number of members.) There is also more than enough enthusiasm for the terrace. Those 750 spots are gladly filled by students.

Freshmen not welcome on RSC/RVSV terrace

“There was a very strict security check to get in”, said photographer Amber afterwards. “It’s well organised though.” The terrace of RSC/RVSV is for members only this week. To prevent infections among ‘registrants’, president Pita Elhorst says. The participants of the Eurekaweek are able to get a tour through the society, though.

Bizarre number of applications' at Laurentius

It is not easy to find a spot on Laurentius’ terrace. The society had to close the ticket sales. The registration of new members went fast as well, photographer Amber heard, and those too have been paused. Wednesday was the final day that freshmen were welcome, because on Thursday, the association gives its members a chance to party on the terrace. Again: no ticket, no entry.

Beer relay at RSG

They are extremely happy at RSG, because never before has the membership stop been reached so early in the week.  To celebrate this historic moment, a beer relay competition is organised. Here as well, only RSG members and new applicants are welcome on the terrace.