As a result, the sole member of the current board is the former Chair of ASAH, Jennifer Onyenze. Stefan Peterfi, who previously served as chair of EESA, will be staying on as an interim board member until the associations have found three suitable candidates.

KASEUR had to ‘start over’ after the university and the associations severed ties with the previous board following a disagreement. That board, which was chaired by student Germain Fraser, refused to step down and expelled all KASEUR’s member associations. In response, the associations decided to appoint a new board themselves, and were found in the right by the consulted notary.


As ASAH chair, Onyenze had a front row seat during the events that led up to this move. “I didn’t think the whole process would take so long, but I expect everything to turn out alright in the end. Initially, we thought we’d have to engage the services of a notary and a lawyer ourselves, but the university already has a number of them on its staff. They promised to help us if we run into trouble registering at the Chamber of Commerce, for example.”

Those interested in sitting on the KASEUR board can get in touch with Jennifer Onyenze. The new board of the umbrella organisation will be chosen on 31 January.