There was great shock when reports of a shooting at Erasmus MC went public on Thursday afternoon, 28 September. Suspect Fouad L. fatally shot medicine teacher Jurgen Damen and set fire to the Education Centre. It also appears that before that, the suspect shot his neighbour and her daughter. The neighbour died on the spot, her daughter later in hospital.

Omgeving Erasmus MC 28 september 2023

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Person injured after shooting in Erasmus MC lecture hall, second injured at house

Twee personen zijn donderdagmiddag gewond geraakt bij twee schietpartijen. Een vond…

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Two people dead in shooting, suspect is Erasmus University student

Two people were injured in two shootings on Thursday afternoon. One took place in a house…

The teacher who died in the shooting was Jurgen Damen, who taught the Clinical Skills Practicum. A memorial was set up for him at Erasmus MC.


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Lecturer Jurgen Damen, killed in shooting, a ‘pivotal figure in our education’

Jurgen Damen, the 43-year-old lecturer who was killed in the shooting at Erasmus MC on…

A day after the shooting, it was revealed that the suspected shooter was a 32-year-old Erasmus University medical student. He was due to receive his degree, but had yet to undergo psychological tests after the public prosecutor warned the faculty about ‘worrying behaviour’.

arrestatie fouad L. van whatsapp video crop

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Shooter Fouad L. wasn’t allowed to become a doctor without a psychological examination

Before the incidents of Thursday, the suspect in the shootings at Erasmus MC almost had…

Following the incident, teaching was temporarily suspended. Erasmus MC’s teaching buildings were also no longer usable due to the fire and police investigation.

brand fire onderwijscentrum schietincident whatsapp

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Education buildings Erasmus MC unusable after shooting incident

A day after the shooting incident at Erasmus MC, all education there has been canceled.…

The Erasmus MC board suspects that Fouad L. targeted the examination board with his attack, according to a press statement. L. was not awarded his medicine degree because he failed an aptitude test by a psychologist. However, the teacher Jurgen Damen, who was shot dead, was not a member of the examination committee.

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‘Indications that suspect was intent on targeting the Examination Board’

Fouad L. was probably intent on targeting the Examination Board during his attack at…

A week after the attack, a minute’s silence will be held at both Erasmus MC and Campus Woudestein.

desiderius erasmus huilend crying rouw bas van der schot

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A minute’s silence at Erasmus University, exactly a week after shooting at Erasmus MC

This week is a week of mourning across the whole of Erasmus University after last…

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A solemn minute of silence, one week after the shooting at Erasmus MC

On Thursday afternoon, students and members of staff at Erasmus MC and the Woudestein…

Three medical students who were present during the shooting at Erasmus MC  tell how they experienced the attack. “We had accepted that we would die.”

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A pitch-black day through the eyes of three medical students: ‘All I could think was: this can’t be real, this is a movie’

One floor below where Sam was sitting, Jurgen Damen was shot dead. Saad hid in a toilet…

Teaching will resume at Erasmus MC six days after the attack. Many locations in the Education Centre will not be usable by then.


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Educational activities have largely resumed at Erasmus MC

This Wednesday, educational activities were resumed at Erasmus MC. Most classes have been…

For staff and students at Erasmus MC, the attack is a very severe blow. Many are afraid to go to the hospital again. With a buddy programme, students try to guide each other through this.


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What happened on Thursday has shaken the very soul of our Erasmus MC

How do you, as a community, deal with the terrible events that took place last Thursday?…

Erasmus MC buddy project buddies_Noa Zonderland

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Students help students after attack at Erasmus MC: ‘I can feel it’s a great place, once again’

Students have launched a buddy programme at Erasmus MC following the attack on a lecturer…

A month after the attack, work is underway to restore the education center to good condition. There is mainly water and fire damage.

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Erasmus MC Education Centre one month after the attack, in eight photos

Work is in full swing at the Education Centre in the Erasmus MC to repair the fire damage…

The trial against Fouad L. begins in January at the Rotterdam District Court. The accused himself will not be present at the first hearing.

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Fouad L. took employee’s access pass at gunpoint

Fouad L., a former medical student, is facing accusations from the Public Prosecution…