Which study programme the suspect is doing exactly was not disclosed; Erasmus MC’s Medicine programme is also part of Erasmus University. In the house on the Heiman Dullaertplein, the suspect killed a 39-year-old woman and wounded her 14-year-old daughter. He then went to the Erasmus MC, where he killed a 43-year-old lecturer. He continued walking through the building and set fire in the education centre of the Faculty of Medicine. Moments later, he was arrested under the hospital’s helipad. He was reportedly wearing a bullet-proof vest and was carrying a firearm.

At a press conference, the police chief Fred Westerbeke said the shootings seemed like a targeted operation. The suspect lived in Heiman Dullaertplein.  He was already known to the police: in 2021, he was convicted of animal cruelty. Rumours that he had shot other people in the hospital could not be confirmed by the police.

All lectures and classes at Erasmus MC on Friday are cancelled. Erasmus University informs that the Living Room in the Langeveld building will be open on Friday from 2pm to 4pm for students who would like to talk about the tragedy at Erasmus MC.

Update: in an earlier version of this article, the lecturer was mentioned as being 46 year old. This was later corrected by the police to 43.

Omgeving Erasmus MC 28 september 2023

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