The shooter is believed to have driven away on a motorbike, although police is also investigating the possibility that the gunman is still inside the building. A large number of patients are being evacuated. Operations will continue, patients in the ICU will also stay inside, a staff member told an EM reporter.

According to police, the gunman is wearing combat clothing, the person is in his mid-20s, tall, with black hair. He was reportedly seen with headphones, backpack and a handgun.

Police spokesperson could not give any further information as yet, including the condition of the injured. Images of a fire in the education building are shared massively, as are videos of an arrest on the Museumplein side. The police cannot yet comment on this.

Locaties schietpartijen rotterdam_28092023
Gunshots were fired in a house on Heiman Dullaertplein and in a lecture hall on Rochussenstraat on the afternoon of 28 September. Image credit: Maps