11edag_9juni2024_B2_protest palestina gaza campus plaza studenten politie ontruiming muur protestborden spreker megafoon8 achterkant_9.6.24_Daan Stam

A week after the attack by Hamas on Israel, 18 of the 20 Erasmus University students on exchange in Israel were safely repatriated back to the Netherlands.

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18 of 20 EUR students recovered from Israel, ‘all students are safe’

Eighteen EUR students on exchange in Israel, have returned to the Netherlands. Two other…

With growing division emerging from the conflict, a first year student decided to start a student association for Jewish EUR students.

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New student association offers safe place for Jewish students 

First-year student Rose started a student association for Jewish EUR students last month.…

In an open letter, the EUR4Palestine Coalition called on Erasmus University to condemn Israel’s violence against Palestinians and sever all ties with Israel and Israeli institutions. The Executive Board did not directly address the coalition’s demands

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Open letter to EUR: ‘Condemn war crimes and sever ties with Israel’

Vijf Rotterdamse studentengroepen roepen in een brief de Erasmus Universiteit op om het…

A teach-in showing support for Palestine took place in the Sanders Building, where various speakers discussed the situation at the time in Palestine. The event was organised by the EUR4Palestine Coalition.

20231017 teach-in palestina Sanders foto Wouter Holleman (7)

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Support for Palestine during teach-in in Sanders Building

To show support for Palestine, a teach-in took place in the Sanders Building on Friday.…

After Israel’s response to Hamas’s attack, over 1,100 members of the UvA community signed an open letter demanding that the University take a clear stand and speak out against Israeli violence. The UvA Executive Board chose to remain neutral, however. Letter writers argued that this neutral stance “showcased complicity in the extermination of Palestinians.”

banners palestine Erasmus University College EUC photo twitter

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UvA students and employees ask university to take a stand against Israeli violence

Over 1,100 PhD candidates, employees, students and former students are demanding that the…

As the conflict escalated, students and staff met in the Living Room to talk about the events taking place in Israel and Palestine at the time. The gathering was organised to provide support to those emotionally and personally affected by the situation.

LivingRoom okt2023_Esther Dijkstra

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Frustration and helplessness over the war between Israel and Hamas. ‘People have moved past the point of looking for comfort’

On Thursday afternoon in the Living Room, students and staff met to talk about the war…

For the second time in the span of a month, unknown individuals sprayed slogans on Starbucks Woudestein as a reaction to the coffee chain’s alleged role in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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Slogans against Gaza violence at Starbucks Woudestein

’For the second time this month, slogans have been sprayed on Starbucks Woudestein…

In the wake of Israel being possibly formally accused of genocide, The University Council asked the Executive Board to “scrutinise” its ties with Israeli universities.

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University council wants CvB to ‘scrutinise’ ties with Israel

The University Council has asked the Executive Board to 'scrutinise' its ties with…

About fifty staff and students commemorated their Palestinian colleagues who died as a result of Israeli military violence in Gaza in the months prior.

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Silent commemoration on Erasmus Plaza for killed Palestinian academics

On Tuesday afternoon, some fifty staff and students commemorated their Palestinian…

Towards the end of April, Gaza protests expanded from Universities in the United States to Higher Education Institutions in the Netherlands.


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Gaza protests continue in higher education

Staff and student protests about the war in Gaza have spread far beyond university…

The Executive Board sent a statement to students and staff on Monday announcing three plans concerning Gaza: organising dialogue tables, reviewing partnerships and assisting in the reconstruction of universities in Gaza.

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Executive Board proposes dialogue tables and aid for Gaza reconstruction

In response to the ‘heart-wrenching conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza’, the…

In response to the Executive board offering dialogue tables, three EUR students believe that ‘ the Executive Board effectively demonises those who do not want to participate in such a dialogue’.

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Why some of us students will not engage in dialogue (again)

The Executive Board has been repeatedly referring to “respectful dialogue” as the…

A week after the initial pro-Palestine protest outside Centraal station, several dozen students gathered in the plaza in front of the food court with tents, a first aid station and food and drinks. The demands to the Executive Board (CvB) are still the same: to make transparent all contacts and collaborations with Israeli institutions and to break those ties.

Protest campus plaza gaza palestina studenten trommel oproep menigte_30.5.2024_NoravanderSchoor

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Tents, music and slogans at new Palestine protest on campus

A new pro-Palestine protest started on Woudestein campus on Thursday afternoon. Several…

The protesting students and staff who set up their tents at the plaza were allowed to stay overnight, as long as they were ‘peaceful’. The university found ‘no reason to intervene’.


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Protesters allowed to stay overnight on campus

‘As long as they are peaceful’, protesting students and staff are allowed to stay…

Around twenty protesters stayed on campus overnight in tents outside the Food plaza. The encampment night went ‘fairly relaxed’, and the protesting students did not intend on leaving until their demands were met by the Executive Board.

Protest palestina gaza campus plaza studenten avond_30mei2024_verf paint leuzen graffiti2_Daan Stam

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Protesters camp overnight, plan on staying ‘until university acknowledges demands’

Around twenty protesting students stayed on campus overnight in tents outside the Food…

The third day of the campus encampment seemed calm. However, a man carrying an Israeli flag came to the demonstration and was then chased off campus by protesters the evening before. The university strongly condemned the chase: “There is no room for anti-Semitic or Islamophobic expressions on the Woudestein campus”.

3edag_1juni2024_protest palestina gaza campus plaza studenten_kamp tenten Polak politie_Daan Stam

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Third day encampment on campus goes quietly, following incident Friday night

The demonstration on campus has now entered its third day. Although it seems to be calm…

The camera poles appeared on 16 May, when a pro-Palestinian protest was scheduled to take place and all campus buildings were locked for that reason. This is because the existing campus surveillance is flawed:  The cameras did not capture, for example, who sprayed graffiti on the Starbucks exterior wall, according to Ed Brinksma.

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Mobile camera units will remain in place for at least several weeks

The mobile camera units, located at various places on Campus Woudestein, will remain in…

A motion of no confidence against a Council member, two members angrily leaving the meeting and some expletives being hurled. The Council meeting of Tuesday 21 May blew up at the final agenda item. The trigger was an accidentally published letter about the pro-Palestine protests the week before. EM spoke to the Council members involved.

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Emotions run high in U-Council over ‘leaked’ letter on Gaza protest

A motion of no confidence against a Council member, two members angrily leaving the…

The university estimates that removing the spray-painted slogans on campus will cost over 100,000 euros. The broken LED screen on Erasmus Plaza adds another cost of at least 25,000 euros. The Executive Board is pressing charges.

schade beeldscherm leuzen erasmus plaza 2 foto Elmer Smaling

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More than 100,000 euros damage from painted slogans and broken screen

The university estimates it has incurred more than 100,000 euros in damages to remove the…

Cleaners were busy removing the graffiti from the tent camp on campus Woudestein. Protesters will no longer be allowed to add any new slogans to walls or streets. The university will immediately report any protesters that ignore this new rule to the police. The university may also decide to report two previous incidents.


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Stricter rules for encampment; two previous incidents may be reported to the police

On Tuesday morning, cleaners removed the graffiti from the tent camp on campus…

Over 150 students and staff were present in the Pavilion auditorium for the Executive Board’s meeting on the war in Gaza. The audience voiced their displeasure with the Board’s response to the war. The Board stuck to its position: it will await the results from the Advisory Committee Sensitive Collaborations before taking further steps.

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Critical questions to board in dialogue about Israel-Palestina

Over 150 students and staff were present in the Pavilion auditorium on Monday for the…

Ruard Ganzevoort is the chairman of the newly-established Advisory Committee Sensitive Collaborations. As the first item on the agenda, the committee will review the university’s ties with Israeli and Palestinian institutions and advise the Executive Board accordingly. But how does this committee actually work and how will the committee assess such ties?

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‘If you have good reasons to do so, you could still terminate all collaborations’

Ruard Ganzevoort is the chairman of the newly-established Advisory Committee Sensitive…