The university has no plan to end the solidarity protest. “The demonstration is currently proceeding calmly and peacefully, we have no reason to intervene”, the spokesperson said. A police helicopter did fly a circle over the campus around 9.30pm.

Setting up tents

Currently, over forty people are on the Plaza. They have set up nine tents and are chanting slogans. Some protesters have painted texts on walls, a stairwell and the large screen in the Plaza.

According to a spokesperson for the protest, the activists didn’t know yet they were allowed to stay overnight. But they confirm to spend the night on campus.

Protest from Thursday afternoon

The pro-Palestine protest started on Thursday afternoon. The protesters demand that the Executive Board clarify all contacts and collaborations with Israeli institutions and sever ties with them.

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Tents, music and slogans at new Palestine protest on campus

A new pro-Palestine protest started on Woudestein campus on Thursday afternoon. Several…

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