An increasing number of students wants to be able to study independently on the university’s campus. This has led to a shortage of available spaces in the study areas over the past few years, despite the fact that the university has increasingly been adding them. New desks recently became available in the Tinbergen Building.

As students say that many spots are taken up by school pupils or students from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the EUR is now making access exclusive, at the behest of the University Council. After 11 June, a lot of students will have their exams, which is expected to lead to extra-crowded study areas.


If you want to take up one the places in one of the buildings mentioned after 11 June, you need to have your EUR student card on you. Erasmus MC, ISS and EUC cards are also valid. If you are not able to produce any of the above, you’ll be sent away. If your photo isn’t on your student card, you may be asked for identification.

The university is hiring additional security staff to take care of the card checks. The pilot will probably end halfway July, when the exam season is mostly over.

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