The Executive Board has decided to bring forward plans for a new education building next to the Polak building on campus Woudestein. The new building will be the same size as Polak (around 8,000 square metres) and will provide hundreds of study places. It is not yet clear exactly what the new education building will look like. It will probably open in 2022.

Study places in Tinbergen

In the coming months, the university will also be adapting the Tinbergen building for temporary use. The building is now partially empty due to a renovation. From September 2019, the Tinbergen building will provide classrooms and around 560 extra study places for the coming three years. The 310 current study places will also be made more attractive. The study places will be designed in close consultation with the students, the Executive Board promises.

Campus Woudestein currently has around 2,600 permanent study places and around 1,200 informal study places. As such, the university fulfils its self-imposed norm of one study place for each ten students. Nevertheless, students still complain about the lack of study places, particularly in the University Library and the Polak building.

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