A makeshift solution or the Egg of Columbus? The University Library is at least attempting to tackle the dearth of study places in the Polak building and perhaps the greatest irritation among students.

That irritation is mainly caused by Polak users resembling German sunbathers in Zandvoort, who stake their claim to a place on the beach in the early morning and then only use it sporadically.

Endless coffees

Such types can now place a ‘time cube’ on their table during their endless coffee sessions. The University Library’s solution to this problem might seem to come from an episode of Doctor Who, but is actually very ‘low tech’: a glass cube with a peg to which you can attach a card. On the card, you write the time you’ll be coming back.

Meanwhile, someone else can use the desk. Whether that person will then give you back your place after a session of twelve pumpkin spice lattes is yet to be seen.