Isabelle Lins Pereira

‘Studying in Rotterdam was probably the best decision I’ve ever made’

Thousands of new EUR students arrive full of dreams, ambitions and inspiring plans for…

Why did you choose this programme?

“Medicine is a great combination of courses in the natural sciences and courses dealing with society, culture and social sciences. I feel it’s a wonderfully broad and dynamic field of study. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. In secondary school I found biology and certain parts of chemistry and physics really interesting. But at the same time, I loved the social aspects of my side-jobs where I coordinated and gave extra lessons and conducted training sessions with young children at my sports association.”

“In the upper grades of secondary school I spent time shadowing at a hospital in Nijmegen, at the hospital’s children’s outpatient clinic and children’s ward. That was really impressive. After doing that, I knew for certain: this is special. This is what I want to do!”

Why did you choose EUR?

“The total package of the entire programme and everything related to it suits me the best. I was really enthusiastic after the open day and the shadowing opportunity. Rotterdam and Erasmus MC make for a modern and inspiring environment. The curriculum, the thematic education, teaching, the international opportunities offered by the university, the honour’s programme, the student teams, the minors, the multicultural character, all of it appeals to me.”

“This past summer, I was traveling with my parents and younger sisters in Australia and it struck me how proud I was to tell people I was going to attend medical school in Rotterdam.”

Are you planning to live in student housing?

“Definitely! Commuting from my family home to Erasmus MC would take almost three hours. That’s the main reason. But I also think it’s the best way to enjoy life as a student and I’m very interested in finding out what it’s like living on your own. I started looking for a place early on. That was a tip I received from senior students. I was pretty lucky because I was able to move into the first place I saw.”

What are your expectations for your first year at EUR?

“During secondary school, I took a lecture programme at Radboud University, so I expect the lecture format there will be similar. Large-scale lectures with all first-years in attendance, smaller tutorial groups, that kind of thing. I’m really looking forward to the first period, especially the skills training.”

What are your good – or maybe less good – resolutions in the first year of your studies?

“I definitely plan to keep up with my work and prepare properly for lectures. I’ll see how the rest of it pans out. I will certainly join a study association, but I haven’t decided which one. And I want to join a fun sports association, but I haven’t chosen which one yet.”