This is Julia

‘I’m going to study law because I witnessed inequality as a child’

Julia Federowicz (18) from Rotterdam will be studying Law. As a child in Poland she…

Why did you choose this programme?

“I definitely want to work with people later, but the deciding factor was that I’m really interested in the human body and possible clinical pathologies.”

Why did you choose EUR?

“Since there’s a demanding nationwide decentralised selection process, I fully explored all the universities where I could study Medicine. The EUR atmosphere appealed to me and the programme comes very highly recommended. With the decentralised selection procedure, I also figured my chances of getting accepted to EUR were higher than with other universities, due to the new selection method. So it was a pretty easy choice for me.”

Are you planning to live in student housing?

“The commute from my family home to the university is about two hours, so yes, I’ll be looking to rent a place! It’s also a better way to experience student life and that’s something that appeals to me.”

What are your expectations for your first year at EUR?

“I’m expecting it’s going to be a very enjoyable and busy year. Much more enjoyable than secondary school: Medicine is a field I find very interesting and it’s a choice I made myself.”

What are your good – or maybe less good – resolutions in the first year of your studies?

“Of course I want to take my studies seriously! I also want to make time to participate in sports and enjoy life as a student.”