Posters in memory of tram cat Ake have appeared at the Oude Plantage tram stop. The posters read “Left us much too soon. Sleep well, ‘tram cat’ Ake”.

The favourite pet of many EUR students died last week, probably as a result of an ear infection. On his Facebook page, the poster campaign was very well received. “A lovely memorial at his own tram stop”, wrote Mirel Mirel. “A very nice gesture”, others wrote.

So far, the RET have been unable to find out exactly who was responsible for the posters. According to his owner, Silke Reijngoud, employees who look after the tram stops had hung up the posters. She also really appreciated the action, and said it was an ‘amazingly sweet gesture!’

Tram cat Ake was 12 years old. A few months ago, he became ‘world famous’ when international media reported about his Facebook page. He had 32,000 likes.