The two Erasmus University representatives who were shortlisted for the Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs Award did not manage to garner the top award. The Pearltect anti-rape bracelet and the Valory science network made it to the final four, but were pipped to the post by a project designed by Wageningen students.

Pearltect did win the Philips Innovation Award last May for the bracelet (developed by students from Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam), which gives off a stench designed to scare off (potential) molesters and rapists. In addition to this stench, the bracelet also releases an invisible DNA marker, which can help identify perpetrators afterwards.

Valory is a science network geared towards businesses. Companies who sign up for the network can put questions to scientists affiliated with the network, who can then respond if they are able to provide an answer or a suggestion. Like Pearltect, Valory was awarded a prize earlier, the 2015 FlexInnovatieFonds Award.

Second-hand clothing

The Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs Award went to United Wardrobe, a social network designed to help people sell second-hand clothing. The Wageningen students who came up with the idea received a 15,000-euro cheque.