RSV Antibarbari Never Less cantus drank schoen foto Aysha Gasanova_02

The preparations

Training EW gidsen – EM – Wouter Sterrenburg (2 of 2)

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After this training session, guides will be ready for Eurekaweek 2022

Just 33 days to Eurekaweek. The 650 guides, those helping the first years, are ready to…


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Eurekaweek modernises: more sustainable, more focus on wellbeing and more inclusive

All the food is vegetarian, everywhere students are pointed to a helpdesk for mental…

biercantus bier cantus eerstejaars

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This is how first-years find a room, friends and a decent place to study. Tips for you from senior students

Are you feeling a bit nervous about starting your studies and Eurekaweek? You're not the…

Terrace of RSC/RVSV during Eurekaweek 2021

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RSC/RVSV applicants have to tackle a long list of tasks before the draw takes place

Run 19.13 kilometres, lay flowers at a war memorial and sing the national anthem at the…

50 Eurekaweeks long


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Fifty Eurekaweeks: Marjoleine van Doorn gave birth in a Eurekaweek shirt

This year marks the fiftieth edition of the Eurekaweek. Reason for EM to talk to various…

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Fifty Eurekaweeks: Half the students walked out during one theatre performance

In 1983, the Eurekaweek committee led by Michel La Poutre and Peter Colon chose an…

From the airport to Theil


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International Day: tote bags, stand-up comedy and a thousand students

On Sunday, international students have an ‘extra’ day of Eureka. Think 37 information…

Nearly 5000 freshmen in Ahoy

opening eurekaweek 2021 ahoy foto milena29 (EM)

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Eurekaweek 2022: What can you expect on Monday?

An opening ceremony in Ahoy, Eat and Greet during lunch and a karaoke party in the…


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Festive opening of Eurekaweek, with a sad lining

During the opening ceremony in Ahoy, there was joy and fun, but the speakers also…

Skadi terras 2020_eurekaweek_foto door Amber Leijen

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Skadi adjusts programme Eurekaweek after death of board member

Rowing association Skadi is scrapping three of the four Eurekaweek parties after the…


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‘You can be an hour late if you want’

Guide Vincent noticed during his own Eurekaweek how nice it is for freshmen to be helped…

Eurekaweek 2022 RSG foto Alisa Mahaletska (19)

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Visiting the student association on the bright pink carpet of the RSG: ‘A whole new world is opening up to me’

The first evening of Eurekaweek is also about familiarising yourself with the many…

From bench press to Caribbean carnival

Informatiemarkt 2021_fotos door Ferayed_13

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Eurekaweek 2022: What can you expect on Tuesday?

On Tuesday morning, you can learn everything about the different student associations,…


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Extinction Rebellion has an ‘illegal’ stall next to the information market

Two members of climate action group Extinction Rebellion are standing just outside the…

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These guides fell in love during Eurekaweek

Guides Nikita and Rita have been together for a year. They met at Eurekaweek and now…

Many new students visited the campus for the first time on Tuesday. And then you might feel a bit lost sometimes. You’re trying to find your Eurekaweek group, your new friends, where the lunch takes place or what you can get at that stall on the left and where you want to go out at night. Photographer Alisa Mahaletska went looking for students who are looking for something.

Party crowd 2 – First ESN Tuesdays -Event – August 2022 – Ali Alshamayleh

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Party cultures of EUR students: bowls of fruit, beach dancing and beers from all over the world

ESN Tuesdays will be the go-to party for a lot of new international students during their…

Cantus 2022 – EM – Wouter Sterrenburg (2 of 8)

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The cantus in Ahoy in 8 photos: ‘Everyone can sing along, even if they can’t sing’

In a packed Ahoy, 6000 students sang until they were hoarse, from singing or from the…

Rain, rain and sports

Sportdag Eurekaweek

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Eurekaweek 2022: What can you expect on Wednesday?

On Wednesday, you can join the master’s day, play sports until you drop, and get to…

Guide Ruud Eurekaweek 2022

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This guide sometimes pushes his group members, carefully

Guide Ruud is a guide for the third year in a row. His secret? You discuss the day…


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Students still welcome in skating hall after Eurekaweek: ‘We will stay here as long as necessary’

Students can continue to stay in the skating hall after Eurekaweek. This is confirmed by…

RSV Antibarbari Never Less cantus drank schoen foto Aysha Gasanova_02

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Drinking a beer out of your shoe turned out to be quite normal at the ‘sports cantus’

With beer at a bargain and good sing-alongs, a cantus is always a good idea, many…


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Happiness, friendship and party mode on the Wednesday evening

While the Eurekaweek participants were strangers on Monday morning, they know each other…

The very last day of the fiftieth Eurekaweek

Eurekaweek_Night of the songs Amber Leijen 2021 (15) (EM)

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Eurekaweek 2022: What can you expect on Thursday?

On Thursday, you'll have brunch, have a good time with the student associations and there…

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This guide chugged five beers to help her group

Guide Fatima wants to be the best friend of her group members. Her secret as a guide?…

night_of_songs Eurekaweek 2022 foto Aysha Gasanova_16

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Naked torsos and sunset, the perfect end to Eurekaweek 2022

In a golden glow of the setting sun, the first-year students walk onto the car park next…

2022-08-16 Eurekaweek campusdag (Arie Kers) (235)

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How inclusive and sustainable is Eurekaweek? ‘Dutch songs are really good fun’

Has the Eurekaweek board succeeded in making the introduction week more sustainable and…

Lilly (left) Laura (right) – festival -Event – August 2022 – Ali Alshamayleh

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WhatsApp groups set up, dates fixed, Rotterdam explored

On the last day of Eurekaweek, students are not just looking back, they are also looking…