Both associations organise many activities during Eurekaweek. The aim? To recruit members. Fleur Westdijk is part of the Eurekaweek committee of Never Less: “Last year we also collaborated with Antibarbari to organise the same cantus, which was such a success that we wanted to organise it again this year.” And that this cantus was again a success was clear: even before 7 pm all the chairs and tables were occupied.

Wheel of punishment

RSV Antibarbari Never Less cantus drank schoen foto Aysha Gasanova_11
Another punishment was the Jesus-adt. Image credit: Aysha Gasanova

It wasn’t a cantus like the one of the Eurekaweek itself. Here, you were ‘punished’ if you did not do your best or were not enthusiastic enough. A number of members of the organising associations kept a close eye on the students and every two songs they would select a number of people to spin the ‘wheel of punishment’. Before they knew it, they had to take a ‘Jesus-adt’ (pour a beer in your mouth from a distance) or even ‘take a shoe’ (drink a beer out of your own shoe). Some punishments were a little less severe, such as having an entire table having to down a beer at once.


Fortunately, mostly classics were played, so it wasn’t difficult for many people to sing along. The music ranged from the Wilhelmus to a polonaise on Jan Klaassen de Trompetter to sing-alongs by ABBA and André Hazes.