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This is what the Night of the Songs looked like last year

Somersaults, wild dancing and fireworks during Night of the Songs

Enthusiastic Eurekaweek students let it all out during the closing event Night of the…

The rooster crows: It’s a beautiful day! The sun is shining, I feel good, and no one’s gonna stop me now! Morning has broken for the last day of Eurekaweek.

Thursday starts with another brunch. Just like yesterday, it comes in three flavours. Where you go for brunch depends on your group. At the Recharge brunch you get to sit in a comfy chair and listen to music and play games, while at the Lakeside brunch, you can lounge in the sun and sail around the Kralingse Plas, and at the Riverside brunch, get to mix and mingle at the Skadi rowing club.

Music and even more music!

During the festival in front of the Kuip on the Van Zandvlietplein, enjoy the music, the food at the Foodtruck Market and check out all the other student associations you might be interested in. They are organising a myriad of activities. Feel free to stay longer on these grounds since the dinner and the Night of the Songs – the last Eurekaweek event – are also held on these grounds. The end of the Eurekaweek is well and truly here. You have all managed to pull it off! Now it’s time for goodbye. So, enjoy the last few hours! Good thing you can still sing along with live music until late into the evening.

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