This is what Cantus looked like last year

Cantus in Ahoy: party-time, as long as you stay in your seat

Despite the long queues and a two-hour delay, students still enjoyed a huge cantus party.…

From 11 am on, you can familiarise yourself with the Woudestein campus. This is where you will be spending a lot of time in the coming years! Use the Eurekaweek app to find your way around the campus. Today is also the day when you will be introduced to your faculty. A must see is the large information market, where you can learn about the various organisations that are going to play a significant role in your student life. For instance, sports clubs, student associations and study groups, housing associations and, of course, Erasmus Magazine (we are still on the lookout for freelance journalists!). After dinner at an association or at your guide’s home, you can choose between the Cantus or the Culture Night.

Cantus and beats

The Cantus is truly a legendary event. Why? Just take a look at the fun photos from previous editions. This is when it all really kicks off! Sing along with 4600 other students and 600 guides to your favourite hits, from Toto’s Africa to Sweet Caroline. It is going to be a blast!

But you can also learn to dance or make some beats during a hip hop workshop on the Culture Night in the SKVR cultural centre. That’s a whole of fun too!

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