Terrace of RSC/RVSV during Eurekaweek 2021

This is what wednesday looked like last year at student associations

What Eurekaweek looks like at the student societies

A peek at those quickly sold-out terraces of the student associations.

Wednesday kicks off at 11 am with a brunch. There are three kinds of brunches. Where you will have brunch is decided by the organisation per group. At the Recharge brunch, listen to music and play games in a comfy chair, and at the Lakeside brunch, sunbathe and sail across the Kralingse Plas (Lake Kralingen), while at the Riverside brunch, meet and mingle and get to know the Skadi rowing club.

Are you a (pre-)master student? Then the most serious day of the week is coming up on Wednesday. Exclusively for you, this day is all about meeting fellow master’s students and finding information about your study and your future career. Workshops and presentations will be held and the day will end with a drink at the campus café In de Smitse. Networking is encouraged. Please be sure to choose your workshop beforehand.

Sports and roulette

Are you a first-year student? Then head to the Antibarbari football club. This is where you can really let yourself go where sports are concerned. Where you can choose from 26 (!) sports. Keep in mind that you will likely come across sports that you may never have even heard of, so who knows, you might discover some hidden talents of your own. Don’t have a single sports gene in your body? In that case, just hang out on the outdoor terrace.

After having dinner at Erasmus Sport, it’s time for Rotterdam Roulette. Rotterdam is a very diverse city with plenty of different kinds of activities. Tonight, you get to sample some of the best places to be and things to do. Play laser tag at Perron, take part in a pub quiz at Cafe ‘t Fust, follow cultural workshops at SKVR, and much, much more.

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