Last week, it was revealed that a powerpoint is circulating on social media, in which some USC members rate the appearance and bed performance of some 30 female students. It included names, bikini photos and phone numbers of the students.

The public prosecutor is investigating whether the makers of the list are punishable. The Utrechtsch Studenten Corps has suspended those responsible and, it says, is going to hand out ‘very severe’ punishments.

Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences demand public apologies and threaten to cut ties with the USC from January 1 if the its culture does not change. In any case, the association will no longer receive money this year and will not be welcome at official occasions.

Meanwhile, several victims have gone to the police. The parents of the victims have hired a lawyer. The latter expects more reports, she told on Wednesday. According to her, the female students receive many messages and phone calls from complete strangers.

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Members of Utrecht student society distribute ‘slut list’

Some members of the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps have distributed a PowerPoint presentation…