The student running club EUR-Roadrunners practices twice a week as a leisure activity as well as competition preparation. The team usually practice in different locations around Rotterdam. Since the Rotterdam Marathon was approaching, they decided to have a shorter practice at De Esch. The training started at the sports building and everyone jogged to De Esch before doing warm-up practices.


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‘Running together pushes you to go faster’

Victoria Garcia, a Business Administration and Philosophy student, shared her motivation for joining the training session. “It’s nicer to run with a group of people and it also pushes me to go faster.” The participants were also training for the Erasmus Charity Run. It means that they run for a cause, this time it’s a scholarship for EUR-students. Student Yuki Girardi, the race secretary of the club, expressed her excitement about the race. “It is a big sports event in Rotterdam and it helps us to do something for the university and the community.”

The exercises started with a few standing movements. It was quite interesting to know that, according to the coach, core strength is really important to pay attention to during running as you are going to have a lot of tension in your core.


Overall, the whole experience was pretty challenging for Adinda, a previous runner, who has not taken the running track in five years. Despite this, she felt that the Roadrunners community is very supportive and she is thinking to get back to running again after the training session.

Adinda would rate the experience an 8 out of 10 due to her lack of practice in the last five years. But, once she has done her practice, maybe she will join the 10km race next year.

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