Although Adinda comes from Indonesia, where badminton is a popular sport, she does not know the rules. So Michael Castelein, chairman of the association, explains the rules to her before they play. After a game with Michael, Adinda plays in a team with Kacper Moneta. Kacper is a fan of free play sessions. “You can play with anyone, both beginners and advanced players,” he says. Member Tim Peter agrees. “I also find that the free play helps improve my level, even more than the regular practice.”

Not so easy

According to Adinda, badminton remains difficult to play. “The game with Michael goes okay, but I have to say that it is a completely different level than how I used to play with my sister,” Adinda says. “Still, I think if you follow the regular practice, you can master badminton very quickly.”

adinda bachata dancing video still

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