Since Adinda arrived a bit late at the workshop, she really had a hard time trying to find a partner. The main thing about Scottish dance is that you get to dance with as many people as possible, yet you still have to find your dance partner. Richard Kneen, the vice president of ESN, explained the idea behind the dance. “In Scotland, we have Cèilidh, which is a big gathering where people come together for group dancing. It requires a lot of running around and lots of people. It’s really good fun.”

Easy to master

Before Adinda joined the rest of the group, she tried to have a practice session with Richard. This dance was quite intense as there was a lot of jumping and spinning. It is very easy to get dizzy and out of breath. Business Administration student Niamh Dinneen had her first time experience with Scottish Dance today. “This was way more cardio than I was expecting, but it was really fun!” Kes Visser an Economics student, described the hardest part of the dance. “The counting. Also remembering the turns and then the spin and all that stuff. You have to be with a partner as well so that comes with a lot of coordination which can be confusing.”


For someone who is terrible at dancing like Adinda, it was a super easy dance to get a hang of. This is thanks to the social aspect of the dance as everyone was there to help out and guide her. It was intense and required a lot of cardio. Overall, Adinda would rate the Scottish dance a six out of ten. She would definitely try it again, but only after some extra cardio training.