University President Rianne Letschert announced this intention last week at the meeting of the Maastricht University Council, university magazine Observant reports. It is not yet clear whether the training courses relate only to inappropriate sexual behaviour or also to social safety in general. Nor who will give the courses.

More than a year ago, Maastricht University signed an Amnesty International manifesto. This signified that it would do more to combat inappropriate sexual behaviour. In addition, the discussions held with student group Feminists of Maastricht (FoM) and worried staff members contributed to the new plan, Letschert said during the council meeting.

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New plan to tackle sexual violence among students

Rector magnificus Annelien Bredenoord signed an Amnesty International manifesto to tackle…

New plan to tackle sexual violence among students

Last October, FoM accused the university’s executive board, on social media and during a protest, of maintaining a ‘rape culture’. According to FoM, a victim of sexual violence asked the university in vain for help.

Letschert hopes to start the compulsory training courses at the beginning of the new academic year, Observant reports. If necessary, only with an information session about where students can go for help inside and outside the university.