Municipal counter

This enables them to register in the Dutch municipal database in their Caribbean place of residence. Then, they can also get a new Dutch passport already containing the BSN.

Previously they could get their BSN number and passport only at a municipal counter in the Netherlands. This led to a delay in the application for student financing and a student public transport card. They were also unable to open a bank account or take out insurance.

Vulnerable students

With this decision, Dijkgraaf wants to do something for the vulnerable Caribbean students. It emerged from a report by the ombudsman in 2020 that they fall behind in their studies more often and drop out earlier than others. Additionally, many of them start with a language deficiency and sometimes get into financial problems.

Minister Dijkgraaf had previously said that he wants to institute a new grant programme for the Dutch Caribbean area, similar to an Erasmus scholarship. The current status of that plan is not known.

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