Christmas Carols Sing-in – feestelijke opening Rolland Masebu – Ali Alshamayleh
ESN President Rolland Masebu opens the song fest. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

After a cheerful opening by host and ESN chair Rolland Masebu, the afternoon started with an acoustic version of Last Christmas. Psychology students Maxine and Celine chose this song for a reason: “It was the first song we thought of and it’s great for a sing-along. Everyone can join in; it’s the perfect starter!” explained Maxine.

Christmas Carols Sing-in – Celine en Maxine – Ali Alshamayleh
Celine and Maxine sing Last Christmas. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

And she was right, as the audience already joined in enthusiastically right from this first song. The two will be going back to Germany for the Christmas holidays to celebrate Christmas with their parents. “We’re driving home for Christmas,” they sang cheerfully.

Christmas Carols Sing-in – Celine en Maxine 2 – Ali Alshamayleh
Maxine and Celine.

Dina (IBCoM) and Idil (IBEB) were already waiting to perform the Snowman by Sia with IBEB student Deniz accompanying them on guitar. “I don’t actually celebrate Christmas, but I do like doing this. And the song by Sia is simply beautiful,” stated Idil. They’re also visiting their parents for Christmas but not without first giving a fantastic performance.

Christmas Carols Sing-in – Deniz Idil Dana 2 – Ali Alshamayleh
Deniz, Idil and Dina (the three in the middle). Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh
Christmas Carols Sing-in – Deniz Idil Dana – Ali Alshamayleh
Dina, Idil en Deniz sing Snowman by Sia. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

The Sing-in also included more intimate songs and after a poignant version of Noel the stage was cleared for IBA student Rixt who accompanied herself on guitar. Her best friend and biggest fan was sitting at the front. “Santa Baby doesn’t have any particular meaning for me, but I wanted to take part and this was the only Christmas song I knew,” explained Rixt.

Christmas Carols Sing-in – Rixt 2 – Ali Alshamayleh
Rixt. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh
Christmas Carols Sing-in – Rixt – Ali Alshamayleh
Rixt sings Santa Baby Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

The afternoon ended with an energetic medley performed by Simos, Valentina and Panayiota. Panayiota addressed the audience before they started their final song: “A lot of Christmas songs feel a little sad but let’s end this afternoon with a cheerful message.” Feliz Navidad followed and the audience again joined in enthusiastically.

Christmas Carols Sing-in – Valentina Simos Paniyota – Ali Alshamayleh
Valentina, Simos and Panayiota provide an energetic closing medley