Oprichters Nederlandsche Handels-Hoogeschool – JA Ruys – CAP van Stolk – WC Mees 1913_Luterum 2023_Collectie SUHK
Image credit: Collectie SUHK/UB

1913-1923: In 1913, the Netherlands School of Commerce, the predecessor of EUR, was founded by three shipping magnates, founding fathers J.A. Ruys, C.A.P. van Stolk and W.C. Mees. The businessmen were looking for personnel that was well versed in economics. At the Netherlands School of Commerce on Pieter de Hoochweg, economics was taught as a separate academic discipline – the first time this had been done in the Netherlands.

Sint optocht georganiseerd door RSC 1928_Lustrum 2023_Collectie SUHK
Image credit: Collectie SUHK/UB

1923-1933: Traditionally, the members of the Rotterdam Student Corps organise the festival to celebrate the arrival of St Nicholas in the city (since the merger in 2017, they have done this in cooperation with their sister association RVSV). This tradition goes back to the early years of the Corps. This photo, taken in 1928, shows St Nicholas riding his horse through the streets of Rotterdam, accompanied by children and musicians.

Zes vrouwelijke studenten met mevrouw G.C. Eldermans-Hekkes achter het buffet in de koffiekamer Nederlandse Handels-Hoogeschool1930-1939_Collectie SUHK
Image credit: Collectie SUHK/UB

1933-1943: Six female students pose in the 1930s with Ms G.C. Eldermans-Hekkes, who for many years was in charge of the canteen at the Netherlands School of Commerce. In 1939, the school was given a new name: the Netherlands School of Economics.

NL-RtEUR_SUHK_F000485_NEH Pieter de Hoochweg bevrijding 12.5.1945_2560_collectie SUHK_UB
Image credit: Collectie SUHK/UB

1943-1953: On 5 March 1943, the Kriegsmarine occupied the school’s building on Pieter de Hoochweg. The Germans used the building to house staff and accommodate military services. Lectures were cancelled, but some tests and examinations continued. The Germans left the building on Pieter de Hoochweg on 12 May 1945, a week after the liberation.

NL-RtSA_4121_1965-1-01_Wandeling van reunisten van de Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool vanaf Centraal Station_Ary Groeneveld
Image credit: Ary Groeneveld

1953-1963: Alumni of the Netherlands School of Economics on a walk from the old Central Station in 1958. They are carrying signs indicating the year in which they started studying.

NL-RtSA_4282_XXXIII-1617_Studentenprotest 1966 NEH_Teach In_Collectie Historiefotos
Image credit: Collectie Historiefoto's

1963-1973: Teach-ins are not always about major international developments. In 1966, students gathered in the Aula to protest the Netherlands School of Economics’ cramped premises on Pieter de Hoochweg. The students were obviously not very patient: at the time, development of the more spacious campus Woudestein was already well under way.

NL-RtSA_4282_1973-1743_Professor-doctor J. Tinbergen ontvangt de Orde van Oranje-Nassau tijdens de opening van de Erasmus Universiteit_Wim Consenheim
Image credit: Wim Consenheim

1973-1983: The celebrated economist and Nobel Prize winner Jan Tinbergen receiving the Order of the House of Orange from Queen Juliana in 1973. The grandmother of King Willem-Alexander, unassuming as she was, is seen adjusting his collar.

EUR 75 jaar_Tinbergen gebouw_lampjes_lustrum_1988_Levien Willemse
Image credit: Levien Willemse

1983-1993: In 1988, the university celebrated its 75th birthday. To mark the occasion, staff turned on the lights in the offices of the Tinbergen Building (still called H Building at the time) in such a way as to form the number 75.

Punker hanenkam foeten_studenten_start academisch jaar 2002_Ronald van den Heerik
Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

1993-2003: Freshers of the Rotterdam Student Corps mark the start of the academic year with the traditional singing and yelling in the square by the footbridge. The person with the mohawk has his own thoughts on the matter.

Eurekaweek 2007 Rita Verdonk VVD stand Skadi_Ronald van den Heerik
Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

2003-2013: Politician Rita Verdonk visits the Eureka Week information fair at the height of her fame. Although she is shown here in August 2007 holding a flyer from the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and inspecting the ‘abilities’ of a member of student rowing association Skadi, a month after this photo was taken she was expelled from the party after a dispute with future prime minister Mark Rutte.

Opening campus Woudestein Paviljoen show 05sept13-106_Ronald van den Heerik
Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

2013-2023: Exactly ten years ago, the campus reopened after extensive renovations. It now boasted a pond, a pavilion and yellow paving stones. The numerous cars that had previously clogged the campus were largely banished to the new underground car park. The opening was celebrated with the inaugural Heart Beat Festival.