Large faculties still organise exams on campus. Earlier this week, the Erasmus School of Law organised exams with a total of about 500 students in the Van der Goot building. The students were divided into two time slots. Since the exam was taken online, students – who did not want to or could not come to the campus – also had the option of sitting it from home.

Not in the mood for proctoring

Max van Beurden has chosen to make the exam on campus because he can concentrate better. “At home, my roommates might do all kinds of things during my exam.” Annet Groen also finds the option better. “There were many difficulties with proctoring, the faculty suspected fraud while no fraud had been committed at all.”

Dylan Tjelpa adds: “I always study really hard for exams and I don’t feel like dealing with proctoring. I don’t want my exam to be declared invalid because my webcam or internet connection doesn’t work well.” Abigail Hooten agrees. “By sitting my exam here in the hall, I’m sure I’m not risking such thing.”

Well organised

Students believe that the exam is well organised. “We had a separate entrance. You had to disinfect your hand and wear a face mask,” says Dylan. According to him, there is also enough space to keep a 1.5 metres distance. So, do they feel safe taking an exam in the building? Dylan nods, but Abigail: “Actually not, but I rather have my exam be valid.”

proctoring thuistentamen – Pauline Wiersema

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