The proctored exams were declared invalid in July and August, in most cases due to a lack of a webcam connection or on-screen recordings. The students suspected that there was a technical malfunction and assumed that this had been remedied after they had contacted the helpdesk.

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ESL examination board revokes diplomas after problem with proctoring software

The exam results for nearly 100 ESL law students have been invalidated after technical…

Individual meetings

Over the past few weeks, the Examination Board members have held individual meetings with these students and also carried out a further investigation. The board has come to the conclusion that in many cases the lack of webcam and on-screen recordings is ‘most likely’ not the fault of the students. The board of examiners found evidence of fraud in one student. All of the students involved have received an individual new decision from the Examination Board.

Proctoring to continue

The faculty and the Examination Board of the Erasmus School of Law will continue to use proctoring for exams over the coming period. In addition, the Examination Board regrets the lengthy period of uncertainty that students have been confronted with. According to the board, this is due to the fact that the footage from the ProctorExam company took a long time to materialise.