These scientists at Erasmus University will be receiving a Vidi grant: Esther de Bekker-Grob, Peter Koudijs, Frederik van de Putte,Esther Rozendaal, Devika Narain, Arnab Ray Chaudhuri, Kim van der Heiden, Iris Lansdop-Vogelaar, and Marin van Luijn. Five out of nine are researchers at Erasmus MC. Read more about the nine studies here.


The grants are part of the Dutch Research Council’s Talent Programme, which offers Veni grants for beginning researchers, Vidi grants for more experienced researchers and Vici grants for researchers with long and proven track records.

The grants derive their name from a message Julius Caesar sent to the Roman Senate in 47 BC following a victory on the battlefield: veni, vidi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered).