Councillor Bas Kurvers, a VVD representative, told AD that he only wishes to implement this measure in those neighbourhoods where it is genuinely necessary. “It is our way to show the locals that we wish to improve liveability in their neighbourhood and seek to curb inconvenience.” The measure has yet to be adopted by the municipal council.

Kurvers stated that the measure would serve as a first step towards long-term solutions. “We’re developing a new room-letting system. The council will be presented with a proposal in the latter half of the year.” Moreover, the municipal authorities are drawing up an action plan for student housing in Rotterdam.


Kralingen and Rotterdam-West residents have taken issue for a while now with the way in which houses in their neighbourhood are being converted into rooms for rent. Late last year, people living in Mathenesserweg protested the increase in student houses in their street. More and more homes in their neighbourhood are being acquired by real estate entrepreneurs who then convert them into student flats. In an essay published in Erasmus Magazine in 2013, the author Ernest van der Kwast discussed the inconvenience caused by students living in the Lusthofkwartier as experienced by himself and other residents of the neighbourhood.

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