“Don’t touch patient!” That’s how the AED starts when students practice CPR. “During my training, I practice these kinds of situations very often. But that’s on a doll. I had the opportunity to do it for real once,” recounts Merve in the vlog. “I was doing a day shift in intensive care. I had a chat with a nurse and I told him I would find it very instructive – yet frightening – to try it for real.” Less than two, three hours later, the moment had already come. Watch the vlog.

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Student at the LCPS: ‘It’s really a military operation’

In addition to intensive care for children, medical student Jasper Klasen also runs…

During the corona crisis,  medical students are working in Erasmus MC’s intensive care unit, where many corona patients are treated. Every week Merve Rousian, Robbert-Jan Raad ,Britt Hoeven and Jasper Klasen vlog about their experiences in the ICU. Overview of all episodes >>