Robbert-Jan is team leader of the students who help in the Operating Centre (OR). But there are fewer operations, and all the more COVID-19 patients. That’s why Robbert-Jan and his fellow students have spent the past two weeks helping to build an extra intensive care unit for corona patients on the eighth floor of the Erasmus MC hospital, he tells in the first episode of his weekly vlog.

New for the students is that they have to work night shifts, but also that they have to do interact directly with the patients, such as turning and washing.

Studenten op de IC #1: Merve Rousian

Students in the ICU: ‘We’ll guide each other through these difficult times’

Medicine student Merve Rousian is team leader of the students in Erasmus MC's intensive…

During the corona crisis, EM medical students are working in Erasmus MC’s intensive care unit, where many corona patients are treated. Every Monday Merve Rousian will tell about her week, on Tuesday it’s Robbert-Jan Raad’s turn and on Wednesday you can watch Britt Hoeven.