There are many corona patients in Erasmus MC’s intensive care unit. It goes without saying that the staff must ensure that they themselves do not become infected, and a mouth mask wouldn’t suffice. Together with fellow student Ivana, Britt Hoeven shows how they do it. “First of all, you have to disinfect your hands. To do that, you have to rub your hands for thirty seconds. Then you put on an apron.” After that, Ivana isn’t finished yet: the mouth mask is put on, gloves and a hat. Finally Ivana puts on a pair of goggles. With these she can enter the patient box.

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Students in the ICU: Back to the operating room

So far, the number of corona patients admitted to Erasmus MC has been lower than feared,…

During the corona crisis, EM medical students are working in Erasmus MC’s intensive care unit, where many corona patients are treated. Every Monday Merve Rousian will tell about her week, on Tuesday it’s Robbert-Jan Raad’s turn , on Wednesday you can watch Britt Hoeven and Jasper Klasen is last but not least on Thursday. Overview of all episodes >>