The medical students who normally work at the Operating Centre (OR) of Erasmus MC can partially return from the corona-Intensive Care to the OR. Robbert-Jan Raad is their team leader and in his second vlog he is wearing his blue OR shirt again.

“There are a lot more surgeries now than before. I told you last time there were almost none, so we could help on the corona-IC. Fortunately, there are fewer admissions there now, even though 35 students from our team are still working there. Every day I go there to have a look and see that it’s going very well. But normal healthcare must also be guaranteed, so the hospital has to continue to do operations,” said Robbert-Jan in the vlog.

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Students in the ICU: a quick tour of a coronavirus patient’s room

Medical student Merve Rousian is team leader of the students helping out at the intensive…

During the corona crisis, EM medical students are working in Erasmus MC’s intensive care unit, where many corona patients are treated. Every Monday Merve Rousian will tell about her week, on Tuesday it’s Robbert-Jan Raad’s turn , on Wednesday you can watch Britt Hoeven and Jasper Klasen is last but not least on Thursday. Overview of all episodes >>