social_isolation_during_corona_01 – Aysha
It is hard to stay away from the fridge and not to overeat when you are at home for such a long time. Now that I have more time at home, I am trying to make sure that what I eat is a more or less healthy. Thus, a good substitute for a chocolate are these coconut bliss balls that are made from dates and are free from sugar. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_02 – Aysha
Self-care always feels right. Now I can spend double time on it. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_03 – Aysha
Drawing or coloring mandala can be a very calming activity. And by the way, creating a mandala is actually a good way of meditating and calming your mind. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_04 – Aysha
When I found out about the corona virus and the possibility of social isolation, I immediately ordered some stuff from IKEA. Home during social isolation should be cosy. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_05 – Aysha
And on top of that, I got some plants. If I can’t go out enjoy the nature, at least I could get some plants to make my place greener. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_06 – Aysha
Because of social isolation, my belly dance classes were cancelled. But it does not stop me from practicing at home. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_07 – Aysha
You cannot leave home to do your nails in the salon. But that is okay because my daughter gave me manicure with a play dough. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_08 – Aysha
My Dutch classes may be held online. So I had some homework to finish. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_09 – Aysha
I visited Albert Heijn on Sunday morning, but pasta was hard to find. Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_10 – Aysha
Social isolation insures that your friends are always online and available for facetime calls. I really enjoyed my three hour talk with my bff from South Africa (it could have been more if the battery did not die). Image credit: Aysha
social_isolation_during_corona_11 – Aysha
To stay sane as a parent, I allow my daughter to watch cartoons on Netflix a little more than usual. Image credit: Aysha