Renowned artist Famke Louise was scheduled to perform at the RSG on Monday, but she unfortunately had to call in sick. “We had to sort out a different act at really short notice”, says Zonneveld. “We were of course afraid that our visitors might be disappointed that she wasn’t performing, but that turned out all right in the end. Some people were even relieved”, she says, laughing. So far, Tuesday is going well.

Outside we find a group of first years. Merel and Marieke (who are both 18) are about to start studying Business Administration and are still considering associations: “If we were to join, it wouldn’t be until our second year. Because of the workload.” They’re not yet sure which association they would like to join. Lars (also 18) is sure about one thing: “My parents joined the Rotterdamsch Student Corps, but that’s not for me.” Would the RSG be a better option? “I prefer the SSR, but who knows?”

Long tables

rsg eurekaweek 2019 fabienne hoogendoorn (8)
All over the floor at RSG. Image credit: Fabienne Hoogendoorn

After having their wristbands scanned, the first-years can join the RSG for dinner. Today’s special: Indonesian specialty nasi. Besides the usual meaty version, there’s also a vegetarian option. “We’ve noticed an increased demand for vegetarian meals, also inside the association”, says Zonneveld.

Inside and outside the association house, students are finding a place to sit at the long tables. The atmosphere is pleasant, and apart from beer, a lot of people are sipping cocktails. “Everyone is welcome, regardless of their age. This rule also applies for all the nightly parties. But we are not serving alcohol if you’re not 18 yet”, Zonneveld emphasises. In order to enforce the alcohol policy, underage students must take a mandatory breathalyser test at the door. “If you’ve been drinking, you’re not getting in. That’s the long and short of it.” Monday night, the RSG had to deny access to about ten students.

The night’s still young, but the terrace outside the association house is filling up. People are chatting, laughing and playing foosball enthusiastically. Life is good on the banks of the Haringvliet, and mojitos are raised to a wonderful evening.