The cameras will mainly be directed at the entrances and exits of the two buildings. Thanks to its in-house car park, the Mandeville Building in particular has quite a few spots where people can leave the building without being seen. For this reason, thirteen of the nineteen cameras will be installed in that building. The remaining six will be installed in the Van der Goot Building. The footage recorded by the cameras will be retained for up to four weeks.

At present, neither of the two buildings on the south side of the campus are equipped with cameras, apart from the rooms where exams are held, and nearly all floors can be accessed by just about anyone. Things are quite different in the newly renovated Sanders Building, where many offices can only be accessed by those who hold staff ID. Furthermore, the entrances to both the Sanders and Polak Buildings have been equipped with cameras.

Burglary at Cedo Nulli

In 2017, the Cedo Nulli study society, which has its headquarters in the Mandeville Building, had its door kicked in. The burglars took the society’s computers and cameras. In addition, an ESSB staff member was being stalked in that same year, thus causing security cameras to be temporarily installed in the Mandeville Building. Little is known about the other incidents that are said to have taken place in the last two years.

The installation of the cameras has yet to be approved by the University Council.