“I’ve only played golf for about two years,” says Kevin. However, he did play field hockey for 22 years, until many of his friends quit. “I needed a new challenge, anyway, so I took up golf.” The golf competition at the Special Olympics was only his second official competition ever. “I really didn’t expect to win. You see, I lost my first competition.”

Golf, camaraderie and parties

Although Kevin is proud of his achievement, his fondest memories of the Special Olympics are those of the atmosphere. “The whole thing was a huge party. I enjoyed playing golf and the camaraderie, but the best thing by far was the parties.” The Minister for Medical Care (Bruno Bruins) and singer Gerard Joling attended the opening ceremony, but according to Kevin, that was only the start. “We had karaoke, we danced a lot and of course I celebrated my victory.”

The athletes had been subdivided into categories based on their types of impairments. Kevin, who has Down syndrome, took the gold in his particular category. “I dreamt of becoming famous, preferably by playing golf. And now I have,” Kevin says.

He wishes to take part in the next edition of the Special Olympics, held two years from now, as well. “Until that time I will train hard and continue to work at Erasmus Sport. First I will deliver the mail, then I will patrol the building and have lunch, and in the afternoon I will wash dishes. That’s not going to change.”


Kevin Rozema (36) has been working at Erasmus Sport for over a year. Everyday he delivers the mail, checks the building, helps in the kitchen and takes care of the tennis and beach volleyball courts.

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Kevin Rozema, 36, has worked at Erasmus Sport for just over a year now. He picks up and…