They have a fixed ritual. They usually go on Monday and Thursday mornings, then it is quiet in the sports center. They arrive at half past 10. First they go on the treadmill, they continue with exercises and end up on the bike. Afterwards, a shower and coffee in the cafe. Always with the Dutch delicacy ‘gevulde koek’.

Accessible by metro

Because they are registered as a student of the HOVO (courses for people over 50), they can buy a sports card at a discount. “We do not need luxury in a gym, and this is easily accessible by metro”, Jos explains the choice for Erasmus Sport.
Kees: “We were members of the same men’s club for years, but they all started playing golf. We do that too, but this is for the condition.”
Jos: “We do not really like it, but you have to maintain your body well.”
Kees: “It motivates you to go together, otherwise you will not go.”
Jos: “Like this morning. He sends an app from the metro: ‘I am at this and this time at Capelsebrug’ than he expects me to come.”

Annoyances with students

They have little contact with students. Although they can get annoyed when students keep texting while on one of the exercise devices. Jos: “I walk around it, Kees says something about it. What are you actually saying?” Kees:” Whatever comes to mind.”

And by the way, they may be half a century, or more, older than the average student, for the new sports building they have modern desires. “An app that connects to the fitness device so you can track your performance on your phone. That would be useful,” says Kees.
The planned closed showers, however, they find nonsense. “The prudishness strikes again,” Jos concludes.