The tea drinkers

“Pedagogical students only drink mint tea!” a psychology student blurted out within the confines of Cedo Nulli, the student association for the faculty of social sciences perched near the top of the Mandeville building. “It’s true. The pedagogical students are all, how do you say, motherly and they always offer you something to drink when you meet up with them. But they only offer mint tea. I don’t know what they have against coffee.”

“That’s not true,” countered a pedagogical student sitting across the table. “We drink other things than mint tea.”

And as she said this, another pedagogical student walked through the door clutching mugs in one hand and tea bags in the other.

The vegetarians

“Sometimes we have class with the MISOC students, and I swear, they’re all vegetarian,” said a public administration student as he shuffled out of the ESSB study area, referring to those studying Management of International Social Challenges. “That’s not a bad thing, but it’s just typically MISOC. It goes with the whole ‘save the world’ vibe they’ve got going on there.”

Are all ESSB stereotypes based on food and beverage preferences?

The lazy loungers

“Not going to lie, I lose a little hope for the world when I have class with the people from public administration,” said a MISOC student, knowing full well that she’s speaking under the blanket of anonymity. “They just lounge around in class and watch us do all the work. After class, I always think it’s no wonder that everything goes so slowly in the public sector.”

Could it be confirmed that the typical public admin student is a bit, how do you say, lethargic?

“ Yeah I think that’s actually pretty accurate,” admitted a double-major of both public administration and psychology. “The psych people read a crazy amount of literature and try to analyse everything from every angle possible, but the public admin students just read the summaries that have been around for years to get by.”

The non-conformists

On behalf of the Psychology students, let’s debunk one of the most foolish ideas people have about them: Psychology students are not mind readers. But what they are, according to their peers, is the more alternative bunch within the ESSB.

“The girls studying psychology dress in a way that is basically anti-H&M,” a sociology student told EM as she pointed out a lady with long black boots and a nose piercing. “I’d call that the typical style of a psychology student. I just notice that style is much more common in that study than it is in the others.”

The psychology students weren’t bashful about confirming their non-conformity.

“I would say that most of us are a bit different in terms of personality and style,” said a third year psychology student. “Don’t put my name next to this, but deep down, I think we’re different because we’re all a bit emotionally disturbed. That probably explains why psychology students take so many smoking breaks throughout the day.”

The know-it-alls

While many of the studies within the ESSB have more concrete typecasts, the image of the sociologists was more obscure. One psychology student had this to offer though.

“The thing with the sociology students is that they always feel the need to lecture you when they think they know something better than you,” she said in an irritated tone.

EM tried to check with a sociology student to see wether there was any truth to this statement, but they fired back with a lecture about the problem with stereotypes. Perhaps the psychology student was right.