It remains unclear exactly how the fire in the coffee vending machine in G Building started. However, EUR and Maas, the manufacturer of the coffee vending machine, have guaranteed that the fire was an incident and that it is therefore unlikely there will ever be another fire.

Last November a short-lived fire erupted in G Building, near a coffee vending machine. The building was evacuated on the day of the fire. The manufacturer of the machine and experts in the field of fire investigations examined what caused the fire.

“Fire was an incident”

Erasmus University declined to share the report outlining the results of the fire investigation with EM. However, one of the university’s spokespersons wrote in an email: “Based on the investigations, we have concluded that the fire started inside the machine, but the exact cause can no longer be determined.”

EUR and Maas consider the fire “an incident”. After all, Maas has never had any problems with other machines of the same type, which can be found at various locations in the country. Just to be on the safe side, EUR had its other vending machines on campus inspected. They turned out to be safe.