As of Wednesday the G building is once more accessible, and lectures in the G building are now running as usual. Although damage has been sustained. The hanging ceiling has to be replaced on the Ground floor, due to soot damage. All the ducts above the hanging ceiling must also be cleaned. The carpet at the building’s entrance can stay, thanks to a very thorough carpet cleaner.

To counteract the lingering smell of the fire, black appliances have been placed throughout the building to emit a fresh aroma. A sign is in place where the fire started which states that coffee can now be obtained on the second floor of the G building.

Items left behind are located in the security area

Image credit: Marko de Haan

Evacuated students and staff members who had to leave their personal belongings behind could collect these before 16.30 hrs on Tuesday in the Q building. The majority did so. The as yet uncollected items are located in the security area, in the W building.

The G building was evacuated around 13.00 hrs on Tuesday due to a small fire that started in a coffee machine. Why the coffee machine burst into flames is not yet known; this will be further investigated.