According to newspaper BN De Stem, refugee student Jean Pierre Mujyambere may remain in the Netherlands with his family for the time being.

Mujyambere, who graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with distinction in 2014, may remain because of a one‑year contract with Tilburg University, where he has been appointed as a researcher at the Department of European and International Public Law. Following the end of the contract’s term in May, he will have to hope for an extension to remain in the Netherlands.

Asylum application rejected

The 41-year-old Congolese came to the Netherlands in 2011. His children Steve (8) and Ornella (4) grew up in Werkendam. Mujyambere believes that he would not be safe in Congo because he was arrested there as a political dissident. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has a different view and wants him to return. An earlier application based on the children’s amnesty was rejected. Action taken by fellow residents of Werkendam prevented the deportation of the fully integrated family last year.