Every Monday, I AM puts another fashionable campus inhabitant in the spotlight. This time: Katriona Lumsden (22), second-year IBCoM student.

katriona lumsden staand
Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

Style. I get a lot of inspiration from the clothing style of other students in the programme. My fellow students dress far less formally than Economics students, for example. This makes it difficult for me to stand out with my own style – although I do try to. These past few months, I’ve been buying more and more vintage clothing, which minimises the chances of someone else wearing the same item. Every time Zara or Mango stocks something different, you see it all over the place.”

Maastricht. “Maastricht feels like home – even though I don’t speak the dialect and I wasn’t born there either. I lived in Amsterdam with my parents until the age of two, and we only moved to Maastricht after that. I continued living there until I moved to Rotterdam for my studies. I try to go home every weekend. Mainly because a lot of my friends still live there, but also because it’s nice to be pampered by your parents again.”

Nature. “I love being in nature. A few years ago, we stayed with my whole family in a cottage tucked away in the Scottish dunes. I have wonderful memories of that holiday. For example, I remember going deer hunting with a hunter. You may think it’s strange to do something like that, but winter was around the corner and they told us that otherwise the deer would freeze to death later on in the season.”

Melbourne. “I’ve never been outside of Europe, but all my life, I’ve wanted to go to Australia. I’d avoid Sydney though: as far as I can tell, it isn’t that authentic anymore and has become very mainstream. On the other hand, I’d love to visit Melbourne: I think you can still find a lot more of the ‘real’ Australia there. But whatever the case, the Australian weather and way of life appeal to me a great deal – it’s very different to the Netherlands.”